Bharti Airtel Africa Ops to Based in Nairobi

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After that long acquisition of Zain Africa operations, Bharti Airtel Limited will base its Africa headquarters in Kenya’s Nairobi, a company executive Mr Manoj Kohli was quoted on Dow Jones Newswires, Thursday.

This is likely to be the current Zain Africa Headquarters based in Nairobi, as the Indian Telecoms giant moves to finalise regulatory approvals to the deal.

Bharti Airtel, this week sealed a deal to buy the assets of Zain in 15 African countries, excluding Morocco and Sudan.

The company has set up a special vehicle company registered in Amsterdam to complete the deal.

After the deal, which will transform the company into the world’s fifth largest operator, it will have presence in 18 countries, including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, with 179 million customers.

“We’re in the process of finalising the organisational design and the senior management…I think all this should be done within a month,” Mr. Kohli told Dow Jones Newswires.

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