Vodacom South Africa Launches M-Pesa

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Safaricom’s M-Pesa innovation is spreading in uptake. We know that the stories in Afghanistan, Kenya and Tanzania have been unique but South Africa’s Vodacom has just dipped its hands into the pudding jar and hope to come out with something worthwhile. M-Pesa was launched in South Africa on 1st September as promised.


Vodacom launched the innovative money transfer solution in SA together with Nedbank. We will see how that works but I don’t think that much headway will be achieved when the service is launched anywhere with partnerships from banks. Banks are rigid and bereaucratic. They are also a competition and whether you work with them or not, they will always look at you with some envious eye.

I know that M-pesa in  Kenya had the CBA bank supporting the backend. But seeing Nedbank mentions in all M-Pesa adverts is kind of funny for a backend supporter. Anyway lets see how this will go.

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