AccessKenya Traffic Update CCTV Cams Goes Live

Posted In Technology - By Tech Mtaa On Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 With 3 Comments

AccessKenya has deployed a number of CCTV cameras in Nairobi city to monitor traffic. I just dont know how ethical or legal this is in kenya but we know that Kenya police has anumber of CCTV Cameras in strategic locations to monitor crimes. KDN was the first to deploy such cameras and we have had many media houses using the feeds to send traffic updates.


We just hope that the cameras will not be used in a wrong way.

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  • Anonymous

    The AccessKenya Group is interested in giving the commuter and driver (road users basically) an avenue through which they can get to choose traffic routes that can save them of the usual Nairobi hustle that caused by traffic jams.

  • Kassych

    its very helpful, instead of leaving point A only to find a Jam in between.. its cool.

  • Timothy Mwangi

    This is a good Idea, I see a business opportunity, and better informed citizens. As for Mr. Big Brother, he will surely want this.