Indian Brides Told to Avoid Talking Longer on Mobile Phones

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According to AFP, An Punjab State has told India’s brides to avoid spending too much time talking on their mobile phones for the first two years of marriage as this attracts lots of jealousy. The Punjab State Commission for Women (PSCW) issued the official advisory last week urging brides “to focus on their domestic life instead of having long conversations on mobile phones”.

Commission head Gurdev Kaur Sangha told Agence France Presse on Monday that the advice was designed to avoid suspicion between new couples as they adjust to their new life together.

Sangha said that she had seen rise in complaints from women about domestic violence, sexual harassment and family discord due to arguments over brides being constantly on the phone.

The advisory said most newly-married women were actually ringing their parents not former boyfriends, but warned that passing on hourly updates about their new home was damaging.It added that for at least two years brides should make “small adjustments” to help build a solid foundation for a marriage.



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