How to Read Daily Nation’s Digital Newspaper Online Without Paying a Cent

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I am not a fan of paywalls and I believe that the internet has much more information than anybody can claim. It is also true that in the pages of African newspapers are just copy-paste articles from Reuters, AP, NYT, BBC, AFP, Xinhua and CNN. Very small percentage of the stories you get in your Daily Nation, The Star, Standard or People are original materials. It is in that regard that when I get an opportunity to not pay for the newspaper, I grab it. Why should I pay for a Daily Nation article copied from BBC website while BBC dont charge me?

Daily Nation has a paywall. That is you want to read any material already archived on, you will have to pay a fee to get it. The same with reading the full newspaper through Pressmart. Daily Nation uses Pressmart to increase readership to those in the diaspora and beyond. Before Pressmart, they were using Newsstand. By midnight East African time, the paper is mostly out of the press. So I use my tricks to read the paper for free.

And here is how to read the paper for free;

  1. DON’T register onto just use the link in 2. below
  2. Just copy and paste this url onto your address bar
  3. Voila! You can now read any edition of Daily, Saturday or Sunday Nation online from wherever.

To zoom on a story, just hold the CTRL button down and use the scroll button on your keyboard

UPDATE: Nation has rectified the problem and now the link loops back to the registration page. We are looking for other holes. Share below if you got any.

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