RICH, Techmtaa and eSignKe Apps on Nokia’s OVI Store Review

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I am not an addict of Nokia’s OVI store. My main apps like NFS Shift and other pure gaming apps cannot work well on Nokia because of the processor of the high end phones and also the accelerometer. So I am mostly left playing stupid games like SUDOKU, Treasure of Valagika or Bubbles Touch. I was looking for new apps in the store and though I created Techmtaa app, I also found eSign Ke app and RICH app.

1. Techmtaa

Now this is the only app worth downloading from the ovi stores which brings you tech news from Techmtaa’s blog right onto your handset. The after downloading the app, you will need to use the refresh app to get more updates. If you have been running the app, go to the app now and you will get some upgrades. We made some changes. This app was created using OVI’s App Wizard.

You can share stories right from inside the app onto Twitter, Facebook, Email or send the link to the story as an SMS. Check it out when you can.


Rich is a Nokia app to help those investors or Stock Market traders see how various stocks and bonds are doing on the Nairobi stock. The app was developed by Shimba technologies and has the iconic face of Aly Khan Stachu, CEO of RICH and Author of Anyone Can Be Rich book. The app seems to have been developed sometime back but no updates have been made and so there are few mistakes like the dates which the developers needs to checkout.

3. eSignke App

We all have friends and relatives who cant hear and speak well. That is a challenge in many homes. Some of us have been forced into taking sign language classes to communicate with our brothers, sisters or those whom we love but are deaf and dumb. The eSignke app uses the Kenyan Sign Language codes and has made them into an app. The app was developed by Simon Botes who is a South African blogger and was in Nairobi, unfortunately, for the Samsung Africa Forum 2011.

There are two versions of the app, the paid and free version. The paid version goes for around 5 USD but Simon says that he might lower the price and the free version is only different that it has adds running on it. The free version will also work offline while the paid app needs to be connected to the net so that it can work.

Check the three apps in the OVI store but you can also alert us of any app we should watch out for by tweeting us @Techmtaa or leaving a comment below.

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