Zuku TV Subscription Hits 35,000 as the Units Sells Out

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After 5 months since the official launch of Zuku TV in Nairobi, the company has announced that it has reached over 35,000 subscribers.  Zuku provides Pay TV service and has launched successfully in 3 East African markets namely: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in less than 5 months.

I love my Zuku TV and the offerings. I also believe that I am well insulated against the exploitative nature of Multichoice which pegs the rates on USD while there is no tangible reason why that should be. Just paying for content in USD is no reason enough for Kenyans to be exploited by Multichoice.

The brand has been a favorite of consumers residing out of Nairobi, increasing TV penetration in the country. Zuku TV plans to offer its service to consumers in 11 countries across Africa including; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, Malawi and Somalia. Already the brand is available in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with a planned launch in the rest of the countries in the course of next year.

Pay TV penetration in the countries it is targeting is presently at less than 1%. Zuku TV offers a selection of entertainment channels covering news, sports, movies, documentaries and music. These include various 3rd party channels such as BBC, MTV Base, Setanta Sports, MGM Movies and E to name but a few.

The provider also offers many of its own tailor-made channels such as Zuku Africa airing African content, Zuku Life airing documentaries, Zuku Sports as well as a number of themed movie channels. The service is available via satellite throughout Kenya.

Wananchi Group Holdings, which owns the Zuku Brand, has said that in the past three years,it has invested over Kshs. 14 billion towards building the business which includes PayTv, broadband internet and VoIP services.

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  • Jonkmau

    I think they will soon be victims of their own success. My decorder broke down because of the quality of the stuff they have and 3 weeks down the line am yet get a replacement but it is a wonderful change from exploitation by multichoice and having everything South African being shoved down our throats.

    • Hi Jon, please tweet us your account details for assistance.

  • Bachilla

    How about instead of talking about their success, they try make right the promises they gave like the HD decoders without you chasing them in vain. Better WIFI routers that stop keep hanging and ooh yes the triple play i.e phones that they said would be delivered. Over a year later and nothing.

  • Bachilla

    How about instead of talking about their success, they try make right the promises they gave like the HD decoders without you chasing them in vain. Better WIFI routers that stop keep hanging and ooh yes the triple play i.e phones that they said would be delivered. Over a year later and nothing.

    • Hi Bachilla, please tweet us your account details for assistance @zukuofficial:twitter

  • Atiwho2bella

    We just happened to have been having a discussion with my colleagues about Zuku over lunch and from what I gathered, I think they are going down and they will fall hard…

    A colleague has a decoder that was disrupted due to Rd construction and no one  at Zuku called to explain the situation and then to worsen the matter, it took her like 2 days to get hold of a customer care representative to get informed that the disruption was caused by rd construction.

    She went on to say that she gets disconnected even before it reaches the due date. 
    She said she called and told Zuku to come for their decoder coz she does not need any of their services anymore….. We had to tell her that the decoder is actually hers to keep, she seem really pissed…..

    I will keep watching this space


  • Michelbolla

    Zuku is doing quite will. I’m proud of them. Multi – Choice has been a monopoly for a long time now. DSTV has been in Kenya for 15years, they have 100,000 subscribers. Zuku has been around for 3 months, and they have 35,000 peeps. . . . Multi-Choice better watch out

    • Thanks Michelbolla for the positive feedback. We are definitely planning to have even more subscribers and give top of the line services.

  • Bob Allen

    Unfulfilled promises to get fibre optic live on St Michael Rd — started promising almost 2 years ago — make me skeptical about doing business with Zuku.

    • Mrs.Vina Patel

      ZUKU makes so many UNFULFILLED PROMISES and does’t respond to my emails. I paid for a whole years subs so I could get one month FREE but now they email statements to me every month and I see that I have lost two months free viewing. My advise is that NEVER pay a year in advance. Just pay as you go. Mrs. Vina Patel

  • AlphaMale

    Zuku replied to Michelebola only coz they have been praised. Learn from your shortcomings and falsehood. Y’all are full of lies and crappy service all from the top to the bottom

  • ac59948

    I am sorry but ZUKU is nothing but a way of conning people. They charge you for a service they dont provide. my tv has been down since thursday, they promise someone will come on Friday , then Saturday, no one yet. when i call then on Saturday afternoon, the lady at customer service actually tells her colleague that i have spoilt her weekend. I dont have any sort of entertainment all thanks to Zuku and she has the oddessity to complain? after she hangs up on me i call twice and am given no answer except that the day has not ended yet!!!Bull crap. i have decided cheap is most definitely expensive and DSTV HERE I COME!!!!!

    • monix

      did you mean the fiber or satellite service? i do agree with you that this people started a service which they can’t support and they have a vey unprofessional way of working
      !i am a reseller and installer of communications services and I have a bad experience with these Zuku people.Official communications and calls are rarely responded to,no support to dealers including an annoying lack of decoder stocks which makes one wonder why they started the business in the first place!Zuku also take not that it’s misleading to talk of a full kit (DTH)yet it does not include the cable,you then go ahead to advertise as full kit thus giving us problems with customers.You Zuku people have to style up and improve on quality of your services otherwise it will be curtains for you very soon!

  • i`ve been using Zuku since December and I can say that the Fibre and Telly are good to me.. I have never encountered any problem in contacting them, either through telephone or their twitter handle, and they ALWAYS respond, and in good time..  Before I joined Zuku I had friends who told me to keep off, but now all I can do is laugh at them when I see them complaining over their usb dongle sticks.. I`m really enjoying the broadband internet, i couldn’t get that with the dongles, and at th same price.