DSTV Walka Raisies the Bar on Pay-TV Content Delivery

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I can tell you that I was not a fan of DSTV Mobile or Pay Tv delivered through the mobile handset. Primary reason being that most of the experience I had with Pay TV on mobile devices was through the DVB-H enabled devices or through Safaricom where the DSTV mobile streaming is also possible through the mobile phone’s native browser.

I have been having the DSTV Walka since around December 20th and I must say that I am impressed and I am already yearning for more. My main fear while streaming the DSTV content on DVB-H enabled devices or through the Safaricom LIVE is that the battery drains very fast or that I mostly have very poor reception. DVB-H signals are only available in Nairobi and Mombasa meaning that your Drifta, DVB-H enabled mobile phone and Walka will not work beyond these two towns. But through the Safaricom LIVE, you will get the content wherever the network is available.

The DSTV Walka  comes with upto 14 channels for a maximum of Ksh 1,000 but if you have DSTV premium subscription, you will get it free subscription on your Walka. The battery lasts up to 3 hours which is not impressive but a great start as I would like to see 7 hour Walka sometime.

With a 3.5″ display, I lov this but I don’t know what I will do for a 7″ Walka instead of someone wanting me to buy a tablet computer, connect a drifta and enjoy the same. I just need a mobile pay TV dedicated device. Tablets have many distractions.

The DSTV Walka is available from MultiChoice offices at Ksh 9,999

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  • Mgeni Amenena

    Interesting. I really wonder to whom MultiChoice is marketing a product such as this one. This is the first time I’m hearing of the walka.

  • Victor

    I’ve been disappointed by multichoice since they stopped access to DSTV content via DVBH from the phone. I visited safaricom who would only tell me to access it via 3G, which stuttered alot. Why not just charge us for the access? Or do they need us to buy new hardware from them? Anyways if the walka is any good, I’ll probably be getting me a new one.

  • Philos Mudis

    Looks like a gadget many would want to have.
    PS: Look at the title of the post again.