Orange Launches iPhone 4S for Sale in Uganda

Posted In Gizmos - By Tech Mtaa On Monday, January 16th, 2012 With 4 Comments

While Orange Kenya is still flip-flopping not knowing even when they will launch this iconic device, Orange Uganda is doing better in running to exploit the market. Starting from US $970, Orange Uganda is surely making a kill. It will be very unfortunate to see Orange Kenya also sell the device at above 900 USD.

Orange Uganda will sell the iPhone 4S models at;

  • Ush 2,399,000 (approximately US $970) for the 16GB
  • Ush 2,699,000 (approximately US $1,090) for the 32GB
  • Ush 3,099,000 (apprximately US $1,250) for the 64GB

Orange has exclusive rights to sell and market the iPhone both in Uganda and Kenya. Check out the pricing here.

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  • CEO

    Orange Has no direction whatsoever. Look at their liveboxes which run on outdated and ageing copper cables. I mean if they wanted to capture the market they would have done so but in reality they are cherry pickers and nothing more than that.

  • Philos Mudis

    What is happening Orange Kenya? Is something wrong? Want to share it? Please when you start the sales, make them a bit low, get more people to buy and learn from all the things your customers are talking about. Learn from Safaricom’s wins and looses and offer great service.

  •  Agreed, Orange has no direction whatsoever. I have always rushed to pick their latest offering on data, but poor service and support was the final straw for me. Data is big in Kenya but these guys just don’t get it. Safaricom will continue to lead not because they are the best but only because the frustration in using safcom is not as much.

  • Austyn

    Orange Kenya, Airtel & Yu all these chaps are major jokers. Rather than tapping on the niches Safcom fails at, they’re still lagging behind. It doesn’t even make sense for Ugandans to own the iphone 4s before us, considering how slow data is there. Orange have exclusive rights to sell the product here yet they’re playing around. If Safcom ever gets that right, it’s over for these French chaps.