Orange Kenya Now Cap the Speed of its Unlimited Bundle at 256Kbps

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Ding Dong! We have won the first round and it is a battle which we must keep pushing on. Orange has apparently adjusted its speed caps on unlimited bundles to 256kbps. The move has been prompted by this blog post. We still don’t find it encouraging or pleasing that Orange should cap its data speeds at 256kbps.

They are not even going to be that competitive considering that Safaricom caps at 512 kbps and Airtel does not cap there yet to be announced 3G services.

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  • Jaffarmoha26

    Are you an intern or what? The post is incomplete!

  • canons323

    capping at 256Kbps? does that mean that when i download a file, it would be upto 256Kbps? or does that mean i would be downloading at 32Kbps?
    and whether i am on the 7.2Mbps modem or 21.1 Mbps modem, it wont really make a difference right since they would both be capped?

    • Mango1

      dude! don’t waste your money on the 21.1mbps modem, you will get download speeds of 8KBps……a total waste of money. get safaricom you will get 50KBps to 120KBps. i am so pissed with Orange i think they are desperate for a comeback but safaricom beats them.

      • Neo

        I realized orange is fast only during the first 10 minutes, then flacuates from 256kbps to 10kbps. So here`s the trick don`t start using it heavy then after like an hour, start your downloads- this way you get around 200kbps. Orange have the best infrastructure just that they limit the users- for reasons am yet to discover.

    • WatchTower7

      Yes to all your questions 256kbps = 32kBps (note b and B aren’t the same)

  • Anganga

    Hello Robert,

    When we launched the daily, weekly and monthly bundles we were clear in the communication that we would be closely monitoring the traffic patterns on our network and make  necessary adjustments.

    The current adjustment on FUP limits and speeds are made with this in mind and we will continue to monitor the trends.

    As you do know there are many dynamics that affect the bundling of voice and data services and these may not be as easy to define.

    We remain committed to delivery of reliable and a quality service to customers.


    Angela Mumo
    Chief Corporate Communications Officer

    • Spinnstah

       the speed limit shud be 1mbs or 1.5mbs

      • Mango1

        i bought the modem i feel cheated by orange back to safaricom,trusting the devil i know than than the Angel Orange claims to be. They capped and you can NOT download even 175MB file…REALLY?????

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  • Calvin

    People, I realized it is easy to accuse a service of being substandard or of conman-ship without getting down to the facts so I decided to run a test myself. I have

    been very keen to take note of the difference between mobile monthly unlimited and monthly modem unlimited. I have a smartphone, an Orange modem and two

    Orange lines that I used for this test.

    I first subscribed for the modem monthly unlimited and carefully watched whether their so called 20GB FUP holds. Much to my disappointment the good speeds

    enjoyed when you just subscribe for the service dip to 32kBps after exactly downloading 2GB of data and the service faithfully runs out after 30days but with the

    mentioned miserable speeds. Mark you, you have just been set back 2,990/= for the service. So the 20GB FUP is a blatant lie. This experience has happened


    Secondly I subscribed for the monthly mobile unlimited which you can access via your smartphone’s USSD menu service and USB tethered it to my PC. This

    service will set you back 990/=. The shocking thing about this is that after exactly 2GB the speeds dip to 32kBps which was my exact experience with my modem

    monthly unlimited service.

    With this experience I can undoubtedly state that Orange has devised a swindle strategy that has conned unaware consumers of their hard earned money. If you

    have any doubts that this is so I suggest you try it out practically and see for yourself. So Consumer BE AWARE!

  • Calvin K.

    It’s a good thing when you make a complaint about a service and your service provider takes heed and responds. This is to commend Orange on that but will get into details about the service later. It is also commendable when a client is given great customer care service which is also my experience in fact Orange do have the best customer care apart from a few rotten apples. If they actually made a point of recording client/customer care service conversations they would be able to single and root them out, I have run into a few who fake a poor connection and rudely terminate the call. Their service also gives you an accurate ETA! No other service provider does that! This gives you the options of waiting to be attended to or choosing a different time to take up a matter with them (saves you money when on a different network). I haven’t had a day without internet while working on Orange internet which is also commendable unlike the last time I posted here. Orange have good pricing on their phone products in fact I visited their outlets recently and saw a well priced android phone and will definitely be going after it as am actually saving up for it now.

    Unfortunately the good news ends right there. My friends are the ones who convinced me on the Orange internet service being impeccable which is partly true. What do I mean by partly true? You will only enjoy it during the phase where you haven’t reached FUP limit from then hence forth you are like a disregarded Kenyan in a tyrant foreigner’s country (at the mercy of your captor). As of my last report right below, if you try out what I posted, you would think I was out of my mind since none of it actually confirms now. Why is it so? Because the complaint didn’t fall on deaf ears something was done about it, now unfortunately their service was actually made worse than better (speeds dropping to 80kbps (bits not bytes). If you raise this up with customer care what will constantly ring in your ears irrespective of what the real problem is, is the company’s pride talk of the so called FUP. This is so serious that when I load my mail on standard view, gmail spares itself the trouble of always reminding me that my connection is slow and fails to load the chat. So you have no way of telling who is online.

    When you sign up for a service that makes you feel sharply short changed, assuming you are a reasonable individual three things can then happen. You may choose to involve a watchdog i.e. CCK, but are you really out of options? I don’t think so. So as a captive cuffed to the service, you may choose to look for more value for money services by freeing yourself from “slavery” or may opt to start on a new slate with another service provider for a new better experience. It is more relieving to find a new solution than to attempt to solve a nagging issue where your provider has become too familiar with you where they feel you are there for them instead of the otherway around. Given my situation I felt I had had enough of a 3g gsm modem that overheats and hangs along with its internet yet it is not giving me its level best. So you hard reset everything to get things working again. Another red flag is when this modem suddenly and intermittently looses the signal, notably in service periods of an hr or multiples of the same and acts as if someone maliciously unplugged and replugged it while you were working. Woe unto you if you were filling out an online form that has taken you over an hour to fill, scrutinize and counter-check for errors before submitting it on an online site that doesn’t support retention of user filled data, so you will have to start from scratch! I speak of this from experience. JUST HOW FRUSTRATING IS THAT?!!!!!! Another red flag is selling to the consumer a modem that supports 21Mbps yet the service since I signed up has never hit anything above 5.7Mbps before you hit FUP limit. This actually really surprises me, if a client has subscribed for your services you would want to retain them by offering great services and having them opt to remain with you by choice and not by a lock on a modem as I will also be going into that shortly. So this means that you are better of with an old school unlocked 7.2Mbps modem that has an up-to-date firmware and a separately acquired orange line which is more than enough than to waste your hard earned cash on their 21Mbps or 42Mbps modems (especially the 42Mbps, I’m completely certain that it is exclusively for the ignorant, my conclusion being based on its reported performance). The people who seem to be honest in what they are selling to you ironically are safcom, all their modems are 7.2Mbps and you will never witness their net hitting 7Mbps consistently. Market research is a priceless tool.

    The quality of service is best before you hit the FUP which makes Orange internet a very very expensive service if you are in it to enjoy it. So as a reader you are now wondering what the gist of my concern is… well read on. Like I said I had enough and chose to do everything in my power to unlock my Orange modem. Mark you this was never in my plan when I bought into Orange services, my mind then was settled on Orange. I ended up unlocking it successfully considering the projected annual loss in inconsistent and expensive internet, I consider it a saving (spending less time on the internet to produce more).

    Now I discovered that the modem has no heating issues with other mobile subscriber lines, no more “device rejected your request” notification, no more “ppp link protocol errors” no more “your device is wrongly configured errors” even with the correct Orange internet settings… but wait a minute! Doesn’t the modem already come with the correct configurations when sold to you?… hmmm that says alot about their cheezy ways of blaming the consumer for their own failure. It actually is the Orange line that has a problem, which I suspect can end up ruining the equipment it was made to run with (especially overheating).

    Orange modems are superior at boosting weak signals and I couldn’t be happier now with more stable reliable internet but by other mobile internet service providers. This Orange modem seems to boost weak signals and provide you with a stronger Safaricom,Yu or Airtel signal because I have practically tested and compared head to head with lines from Safcom, Yu and Airtel. This has translated to far better speeds. Now to those who are feed up and tired of the FUP advert they keep singing to you in order to justify your snail slow internet speeds and want to be liberated from captivity like me, join and search for your modem make and model no. and begin the exodus to freedom. Don’t get me wrong Orange do provide good services that is why am so set on one of their handsets, they even have better communication systems than Safaricom ironically but internet that gives you a peace of mind isn’t one of their to die for services and with them stuck up with this FUP nonsense it will only be a matter of time before alternative services are found. The whole point of posting this is not that you may hate Orange, no not at all, it is to show you that there are options whether you are in their system or not. Happy hunting at

    This will be the last time I report about Orange internet because I have options. I will not vouch for any other network but I will say this, there is an mobile internet service provider out there who doesn’t have that FUP nonsense and their net has unlimited option and is consistent. When I helped my neighbor migrate he was truly surprised by his new experience. If you are interested you’ll find them. Happy hunting at to freedom seekers! As for EVDO/CDMA guys poleni sana you just have to make the switch to GSM.

    To the Moderator I hope I haven’t double posted