John Michuki’s Death as Reported on Social Media and the Hypocrites

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Finally President Kibaki confirmed on Tuesday night that Kenya’s immediate former Environment Minister, John Michuki, had died. The news of death of Michuki was broken on Social media on Monday but the mainstream media saw it as a chance to portray social media as evil and alarmist.

Today, this irked everyone;

Within few minutes of tweeting the rumoured death and posting it on Facebook, comments started pouring with some people, mainly supporters of Michuki, arguing that nobody should rumour anyone’s death. It did not take long before the infamous Kenya Government Spokesman, Alfred Mutua, sent out a statement to all media houses refuting the rumour.

On Monday Itumbi Tweeted;

I also Tweeted;


The news however went viral with the discussion still dominating twitter on Tuesday. It again exploded after President Kibaki’s statement.  Most of the users are praising Michuki but the truth is that Michuki killed more Kenyans with his orders while Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security. While at Ministry of Transport, he issued some Michuki rules which were only respected while he was a Minister there.


A great manager put structures. Michuki ruled by decree and nor in an orderly manner. I appreciate his death because of the manner he killed young Kenyans branded as Mungiki and those who were voicing their opposition after the 2007 General Election. I truly believe that the death of Michuki is more of a blessing to Kenya.

Lets be honest when people dies. Michuki was more of a liability to the Kenyans.

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  • When someone dies, we normally say may his soul rest in peace because it is the soul we are dealing with here, not the man. Not all of us loved Micuki but just let his soul rest in peace!

  • Tuskermalt

    True True and the issue of Standard newspaper raid should not be forgotten. It is a case of the Chickens have come home to roost.

  • Pouli Morris

    call them stupid primitive orders all i know is he saved  Kenyans from Mungiki if it were not for him Mungiki could have been another Al-shabaab………..

  • Did mungiki kill other innocent being while extorting cash and driving them to poverty with primitive “fines”. Yes they did, so whether his orders led to the death of mungiki I think we are better of with out them.

    • Ndoloh

      Only those who were never affected directly by the mungiki menace can open their mouths and call the shoot to kill order primitive. More Kenyans died through slaughter at the hands of the mungiki so for that I respect the man with the balls to oversee such an order……you on the other hand Mr. alai…..u need to get a life!!

  • Jo

    If you are perfect and have NEVER caused anyone agony, go ahead and slander him. He who is without sin let him throw the first stone.
    May his family find the peace of God as its only Him who can minister to him at this time of thier loss

  • Robert loves controversy…it garners comments. We understand that. Maybe your blog should be a TMZ. Rarely does it cover informative tech stuff. Your articles are majorly coming from a mean perspective…like you were hurt in a previous life. I know, spare me the freedom of speech lecture.

  • Ptahcams

    Expressing ur Opinions through Anger still counts?????? SMDH !!!!!!!!!

  • Raj

    I find this article abit personal. It should not have been published on a public blog, maybe you should have used other channels to let him know you were not a fan of his theatrics? lets say you go to Loliondo and ask Mzee to let you express your feelings to the late Hon. John Michuki?

    By the way Google knocked off a Pagerank from your blog, so i fully understand you trying to get off your steam on the late Hon. John Michuki.

  • Jaffarmohamed26

    Not that i liked the guy and not that it matters but the death of any person whether it is Michuki, Tom, Dick or Harry should be treated with respect. Why all the negativity when a man is down? Show some respect for heaven’s sake. This is what i will say when you die “Some bitter wannabe blogger died today due to ego problems. His contribution and innovation to the tech world and the blogging industry will be missed by idiots”

  • Tito

    Go to hell.You are just a tribalist and using the wrong forum to express hatred towards Kikuyus.Its with this few remarks I unsubscribe to this junk.

  • Those G4S guards should have killed you as well, we would be one problem less. You also need to decide if you are a tech blog or a political blog. Get some identity please. 

  • Omenda Maridhola

    All coins have 2 equally important sides, why emphasize the late Michuki’s good attributes and not his bad ones? Is this the so called fear of the dead and the unknown? come-on guyz, be serious! Robert’s criticism is objective and I am in agreement.




  • although ur free to comment,sometimes its advisable to pliz keep **** comments to ur self,i find it sad !

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  • Jiclench

    Dud, you are one bitter S.O.B. Get a fucking life. your blogs are all about expressing your hatred. NKT!!