Ghetto Radio’s Facebook Page Attracts Over 8,000 Reactions in a Post

Posted In Social Media - By robertalai On Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 With 3 Comments

Ghetto Radio is one popular youth focused FM station in Nairobi. The FM station which broadcasts on 89.5Mhz in Nairobi has recently achieved a fete which is hard to come by in African social media circles. On their Facebook page, they put a posting promoting the Friday Night Live show and remembering a very popular fan of the station, Josphat Apewe. The post attracted more than 8,300 comments and more than 300 likes.

The commenting was a record. Getting 8,000 comments on a Facebook post is not that easy in Africa.

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  • James Otieno

    Keep it coming big daddy

  • The Openbook Blog

    The guys have invested a lot in an active group of online followers, thanks to their innovative online radio and social networking presence they can reach hundreds of thousands worldwide. How may Kenyan radio and TV stations offer this?

  • Danielkaris

    Nathani ma from 4 walilan kwakuibia mtiani