How to to Check KCSE 2011 Results Online After Official Release

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The Ministry of Education and KNEC is expected to release the KCSE 2011 results by 12 noon today. The Ministry is tying to use the technology in delivering the results to all stake-holders. The problems is that KNEC’s website always becomes inaccessible whenever the results are released.

We do hope that it would be better this time. Just like the KCPE results, there are 3 ways in which you can get the KCSE results;

  • SMS Index Number to 5052 to get 2011 KCSE Results on SMS
  • Visit this link and enter the index number (It is currently disabled)
  • You can also try . There is a box for checking the results
  • Or just visit your school and get the result from the school head the traditional way

We just hope that the experience would be better this time

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  • Smkahari

    “Or just visit your school and get the result from the school head the traditional way”  another option

  • Joseph Mutie

    This is fantastic

  • Wambsmaish

    the new system that the ministry wants to introduce is quit boring and a big burden to parents, why do the minister assumes that all people have money like he does to pay school fees after a break of one week in april holidays and 2 weeks in august holiday, in my opinion, lets have the old system of 7-4-2-4 where students matured after completing A-level before joining university, rethink before you proceed because you will not remain the minister for education forever!!

  • Omutology

     Raw deal. The KNEC website cant access the database.  Am yet to get the response to the sms I sent yesterday. And this is our National Examining body? Bure kabisa!

  • Cheggeh04

     those websites are not working! NKT!

  • Rahyoyo

    Mko down!

  • Briowuoche

    What a shame to the KNEC org!

  • andrew

    how long does it take to gate results? a we still living in the stone age period? knec is an embarassment to kenya

  • Challo Tito

    Titus Kyalo
    why post the nonworking websites for people to waste time ?  boring tu xcana.

  • Jumamusoma

    the first 3 methods are not working maybe the 4th one.

  • Christopherkasiva

     knec wamenibore kabisa, si waniitie kazi nifanye connections ya mawebsites.

    • Jaffarmoha26

      Ndio uwatengenezee Joomla ingine, the Kenyan style.

  • Maryken

    you are so inconvinient.why dont you emlpoy a responsible manager.poorest website ever,style up you are dealing with new generation

  • Maryken

    you are so inconvinient.why dont you hire responsible staff who can deliver in up its a new generation

  • Fredosoro28

    I don’t know what is wrong with the KNEC ministry, it seems that they want to take us back to the MIDDLE STONE AGE. COZ MBAKA this tyme hakuna results kwa website.WHY?

  • Guest

    how to check? anyone who succended?

  • Mttomartin2


  • Stelakip

    This is a joke. Kenyan systemChasing the western wind but cannot catch up

  • geoffrey

    so knec website is beco0ming useless since i can’t print my 2010 exam?

  • Vic

    Wasanga has outlived his usefulness! worse than useless, you cant let us struggle with something not working. May you retire please.