“Anonymous” Hacktivists Launches Their Own Desktop OS

Posted In Applications - By Tech Mtaa On Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 With 1 Comment

Hacker group “Anonymous Operations” has today released the first version of its desktop operating system. The OS will be called “Anonymous-OS” and is based on the open-source Linux OS Ubuntu 11.10. It relies on the open-source Mate UI according to The Hacker News. The OS comes with Anonymous-approved tools pre-installed.

You will definitely get the DDOS and other hacking tools like  Anonymous HOIC, John the Ripper, SQL Poison and more. The Anonymous-OS is free and available immediately for download. Caution is definitely advised.

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  • Nasert326

     I hope it comes loaded with *loic* as well as some other VPN rendering suites. Giving it a try tonight!