Windows 7 is Now the Most Popular Operating System in Kenya

Posted In Technology - By robertalai On Monday, March 19th, 2012 With 0 Comments

According to the latest Statcounter stats, Windows 7 is now the dominant operating system in Kenya having overtaken Windows XP in January. This development is going to be a great plus for Microsoft which has been trying so hard to market the Windows 7 and convince the majority who still loved the most stable OS from Microsoft, WIiXP.

Windows 7 currently commands 44.75% while Windows XP comes second with a market-share of 41.88%.

In other stats, Firefox is still the most dominant browser commanding an impressive 53.8% while IE’s influence has dropped to just 21.24% of the market while Google’s chrome is gaining marginally standing third with 18.92%.

Worldwide stats indicate that Android mobile browser is the most common globally while Symbian phones still rule in Africa. Opera is also declining in use with usage in Africa even with feature phones owners seeing a drop from 73% to 68%.

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