Airtel Kenya Brings Back the Monthly Unlimited Data Package

Posted In Mobile Mtaa - By robertalai On Sunday, March 25th, 2012 With 4 Comments

Airtel Kenya has finally heeded calls by data users to bring back the one month unlimited data package. The package was removed when the company launched what it dubbed “Airtel Kenya 3.75G”. The package which was previously available for Ksh 3,250, will now be available for Ksh 2,999 reflecting an 8% reduction in the price.

It is not clear if the unlimited bundles will still be throttles though Airtel Kenya previously throttled the bundles at 512Kbps.

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  • Mitstar25

    Wasn’t impressed at all by the so called 3.75G! Averaged about 40-100KB/s for a software download and then got about 200KB/s under a tree within the compound. Perhaps its their poor signals everwhere to blame! It kept connecting to Edge rather than HSDPA/WCDMA until I set it to WCDMA only within settings (rather than WCDMA Preferred)

  • Mitz

    Its a new service, should be much faster! Safaricom 3G despite more subscribers is much faster! Also, signed up to daily unlimited bundle for 1day. Its supposed to renew automatically, even according to their ”customer service”. Its didn’t, and it wiped out all my airtime – but according to ”Customer Service”, my fault as I didn’t get confirmation that I didn’t get renewal confirmation daily – although they confirm it is supposed to renew daily!

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  • julian watenya

    i hope they dont cap your speeds to 120kbps when you update your antivirus like the way safaricom does