5 Charged in Case of Chinese Teen Who Sold His Kidney for an iPad

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It is not always serious when you think that you can do anything to get Apple’s iPad. But a Chinese teen did just the unthinkable in April 2011 to get the iPad 2. He sold his kidney to organ harvesters at a fee of $3,500. Since the sale reported by China’s GlobalTimes, the Chinese teen has developed various complications related to the kidney.

Police in China’s Anhui province have now arrested 5 people involved in the organ harvest including the doctor, staff, and accomplices who  paid the boy 20,000 yuan ($3,500) for the organ. The buyers later sold the kidney for around $40,000 keeping the more than  $35,000 profit for themselves.

The teenage fisherman aged 17-year-old named Wang, was discovered by his mum after he was spotted with the iPad. The mother was suspicious how the young man could have acquired the pricey gadget. He’s now suffering from a progressively worsening kidney failure.

Chinese authorities have brought criminal charges against the surgical staff as sale of human organs is illegal in China and has been since 2007. Yes, 2007. Before 2006, it was just in bad taste but fairly legal to carry out suh an act in China.

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