Help Trace these iPad Thieves Targeting Tech Events in Nairobi

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So there were two major tech events in Nairobi this week, Pivot East and the East Africa Outsourcing conference. The first event was at Ole Sereni hotel and the Outsourcing event was at Crowne Plaza hotel.  There are a group of delegates targeting events with not so strict security to steal laptops and iPads from delegates.

It happened this week

One of the delegates at the East Africa outsourcing event, Gilda Odera of Sky Web, lost an iPad. The great thing is that most of the photos of the event participants were taken and fortunately the photo of the thief who stole Gilda Odera’s iPad.

Scene 1 – With the iPad still slightly away from him, the guy wants to make a move. The “journalist” on his right might be an imposter and an accomplice. Anyone who know him please get in touch.

Scene 2 – Mission accomplished- ipad has moved and is under the programme brochure-notice how it is jutting out on the side.

Gilda's iPad

If you know any of the gentlemen on the photos, please call 0775 034 530 or Email tech @ You can also tweet @Techmtaa or RobertAlai. Otherwise contact Gilda through Facebook. You can also leave a comment below.

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  • Isaac Mugwandia

    WTF, that is stupid, i think we need security checks because we just cant go to these events without our laptops and iPads.

  • isaacm

    bwahahahahahaha waaah Alai this is a movie and a half! lol #polekwawalioibiwa

  • namatsi©

    What if that was not an ipad (one in brochure). Is he allowed to sue for defamation?

  • macharias

    Once again ALai you miss it. How did you arrive at the decision that he was covering an i-pad, is it because of his face or because some prior investigations were done. I am not supporting him but this ‘thief’ deserves better.

  • Martin Tairo

     where was the ipad owner at this time?

  • Kinyua

    From the pictures, who is Gilda? Taking pictures from different angles does not necessarily mean that the words written here are true. To me, positions of the so called Ipad (it can as well be a laptop) is the same in both pictures. The only thing that moved was brochure. You lied here!