AccessKenya Now Partner With Builders to Deploy Fibre to New Premises

Posted In Business - By robertalai On Friday, June 29th, 2012 With 1 Comment

AccessKenya, the country’s only publicly traded Internet company, has launched a solution targeted at building internet infrastructure to homes and offices. The Fiber to the premises(FTTP) is a solution which AccessKenya will offer at developers to see buildings in Nairobi have ready fibre connection.

Though the provider has been offering the Fibre-to-the- Home solution, the company has been facing challenges in deploying such solution in premises which were not prepared for such an eventuality.

Through the infrastructure laid, the company looks to have homes ready for next generation services like VOIP, IP TV, voice communication and  CCTV. Other services like fire alarms will also be integrated.

Already AccessKenya is serving up to 40 modern buildings in Nairobi with the company looking to extend the coverage diameter to 50 kilometres in Nairobi.

Already AccessKenya is working with various partners in deploying the solution. TKM Maestro has been providing integrated solutions for planning, design and construction in the country for the past 10 years.

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  • beshte

    This is the way to go. I wish the Govt could even subsidize such a move. With the brimming IT talent, we need more than Cell Phones. Programmers need a bigger screens and faster Internet to work with. We need to be the South Korea of Africa.

    Just make every home in Kenya be able to connect to internet via cable or whatever fibre optic provider and you’ll see wonders the IT talent we currently have will quadruple. The Govt also needs to build its own Govt fibre for all Govt institutions and bodies, and make sure to connect all schools in Kenya.

    Also build smart we can put alot of stuff on the cloud by building server farms ( Build 5 huge server farms evenly spread in Kenya ” North , South, East, West, and Central”).
    Govt offices and Schools in rural areas don’t need computers + monitors. They just need 2 servers, one operational and the other standby, then 100- 200 monitors depending on the size of the school or office. Then all these monitors can share resources on the cloud.

    No need to have a computer and monitor at every desk. Network admins can then manage the shared resources more efficiently from the server farm locations.