Movicel and MTC Namibia Select Huawei’s IP Microwave Solution for LTE Backhaul Network

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Huawei has announced that it has been selected to provide its advanced IP microwave solution for the next-generation LTE backhaul networks of Movicel in Angola and Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) in Namibia.

Movicel and MTC will be the first two operators to provide commercial LTE services in Africa.

Huawei’s UMTS/LTE-ready IP microwave solution is a solution targeted at LTE backhaul deployment, which involves high bandwidth, smooth service evolution, rapid deployment, and convenient network management. The solution provides up to 2 Gb/s to each individual operator, supports a simplified clock synchronization and allows unified network management for optical transmission and wireless equipment.

Huawei has become a partner to operators looking to deploy LTE backhaul networks in Africa and around the world. In Nigeria, 4G Mobile and ZODAFONES deployed the first commercial TD-LTE network in West Africa and utilized Huawei’s IP microwave solution, RTN 900, for their LTE backhaul networks.

Huawei’s solution has also empowered the LTE backhaul networks of global operators, including O2 in Germany, T-Mobile in Austria, and the Saudi Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia.

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