#AlShabiHubs: Is iHub Now a Den of Rapists, Robbers and Killers?

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Is iHub turning in to a very insecure space attracting all manner of criminals? When I got to hear many issues since mid last year, I thought they were isolated events. This got me asking if someone is trying to tarnish the name of iHub. Many innovation spaces were coming up in Nairobi and maybe with the ever dirty business rivalry in Kenya, some top corporate who controls the youth loyality was not loving it.

I also thought that since Erik Hersman who is the main individual behind the iHub is not seeing eye-to-eye, someone might find it very convenient to use me to settle scores with Erik. I ignored these allegations of the prevailing conditions around iHub especially those where allegations of rape, attempted rape, robbery and petty thievery were concerned.

This changed when Idd Salim, who has to rely on handouts from Erik, decided to put it down on a blog post. You need to read in on his blog. The incidents are scary and I just pray that nobody is hurt or killed. I pray that iHub is not turning to what I thought it would turn to because very divergent views and criticisms are not appreciated at the space.

When Nokia and Erik Hersman organised for my assault (will publish how it happened) despite the fact that I was NOT there to meet Elop but had an appointment with David Kobia (he of Mashada), I realised that some thing was not right. I held my assumptions and said lets give them a benefit of doubt.

I believe that the crime around iHub are not isolated but are organised and funded by someone who has very good connections with Erik and others at iHub. I have talked to Gitonga (Afrowave) and Idd Salim about stopping crime around iHub. I have done it around my neighborhood  We can stop it around iHub because the space is not a bad idea and the moment there is too much crime around iHub, even mLab and NaiLab suffers.

Let us stop crime and criminals around iHub. Lets get talking. We can do it in a month.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002085305887 John Walker

    Who cares about this ihub stuff..Why don’t you concentrate in writing tech news that the ordinary guy in the street can consume. As far as I am consumed, ihub is an ivory tower. The real stuff is what is happening quietly on the streets.

  • capaldi

    Roba you may be wishing against all odds that these robbery cases might somehow have a link with your frienemy Hersman, but I don’t think that would add up and I hope that’s not the reason for your writing this post. Organised? I don’t think so, but all the same not ruling that out either. iHub is more like a little private college campus where all these ‘rich kids’ meet up to share ideas and all. The thugs may be just common thieves who get attracted by the priceless gadgets these ‘rich kids’ carry around with them.

  • http://solista85.blogspot.com/ Solomon Mburu

    Is Miguna Miguna your brother, you share alot – very poor politics that have no value but gosssip. C’mon you can’t be popular by tarnishing other people names.

    • http://www.techmtaa.com Robert Alai

      I appreciate Mboros like you giving their very idiotic opinion. This is what has grown the site. This blog is mostly for my opinion and if you went to a basic school, which would have helped you not become an ass licker, you would know that you shouldn’t want everyone to have an opinion similar to yours. Usiwe nguruwe mboro bwana….

      • http://solista85.blogspot.com/ Solomon Mburu

        Am sorry i didn’t know that you made a whole website to discuss people, and for this case, the people who dare challenge your ego. Challenge people with actions not words and you will win the war – actions speaks louder than words.

        • http://www.facebook.com/mserengu Mike Serengu

          Solomon, you need to know that if you don’t want others’ opinion on what you do, hide in some hole and never come out. You look like without iHub, you are dead since you have no real talent.

          Robert is a guy who does his own business and has never been known to rely on godfathers sending him handouts.

          Your desperation and empty criticism of him is evident from these trashy comments. Kind of childish.

          iHub must improve on resident’s security otherwise someone will be raped and it looks like an inside job. For those of you who are still desperate to lick Erik Hershman’s ass, go ahead.

        • http://www.facebook.com/mserengu Mike Serengu

          And boss this is you? https://www.facebook.com/gathimba/photos_stream No wonder the addiction with Erik Hershman. Sometimes you wish you were white guy? You are a man not comfortable on himself and you have to hang-on other people’s coats to claim that you have some achievements.

          WHat a waste!!!

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