Kencall Hosted IEBC and TNA Data on the same Server

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CORD leader and a presidential contender in the disputed March election Raila Odinga has raised pertinent questions regarding the installation and management of IEBC servers. According to a sworn affidavit filed before the Supreme Court of Kenya on Saturday, Raila questioned why IEBC had an KENCALL (call centre company) co-host IEBC’s server and that of The National Alliance (TNA) ( a political party of one of the candidates declared President-elect).

UPDATE: According to a source at IEBC, the electoral body hosted TNA and IEBC’s data on “the same server” mirroring IEBC data on to TNA’s website.

Coincidentally, Kencall founder and owner, Nicholas Nesbitt, sits on the board of Commercial Bank of Africa (majorly owned by the Kenyatta family).  Safaricom, with major business interests with the Kenyatta family through CBA, provided the VPN which sources at IEBC revealed as hacked during the tallying. M-Pesa and M-Shwari mobile money and banking deposits  are all exclusively resident at the Kenyatta owned CBA.

Raila argues that co-hosting the two servers may “compromise the integrity of the electoral process but at the very least gives the very real impression that the TNA has access to all sorts of information which is at the very least initially confidential to the First Respondent ( IEBC).”

According to an article on The Standard on Sunday, Raila believes the IEBC, as well as its Chairman Issack Hassan, failed to establish systems, which are accurate, secure, verifiable, accountable and/or transparent.

The article further states – Raila says that IEBC declared results, “which in many instances had no relation to votes cast at the polling station and developed methods, which were opaque and intended to manipulate the results in the course of which the petitioners’ representatives were altogether excluded from the process.”

IEBC chairman admitted during the tallying at Bomas that the electoral body’s tallying app was hacked and a rogue code, which multiplied votes by 8, added into the application.

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  • Nzasi

    If it is true that the servers are hosted by the company, now we know where Mutahi Ngunyi got data for the “Tyrany of numbers” analysis. I was wondering how he got the voter registration data bearing in mind that IEBC couldn’t have given it to him.

  • Maina Maish

    Does it mean if we host servers on the same location you will access/read my data? Someone wake me up!!.This is one of the many lies CORD guys are spreading. What evidence do they have to prove the said “mirroring” really happened, what evidence do they have that tallying data was hosted at Kencall?

    • Cyrus Waithaka

      Am sure this website is itself in a shared hosting plan. Ask the writer to access the other websites that are hosted on the same server as his. The writer also says that KENCALL “co-host IEBC’s server”. How do you host a server btw? It’s unfortunate that some tech bloggers are not that techie…

      • Emmanuel

        Wacha kuongea mbaya..Si lazima usome.

    • samuel

      Data can not be accessed, |CORD | is just lieing to Kenyans and they know nothing,

      • Emmanuel

        Unajua ni nini unaongea?

  • samuel

    This is where analog now comes into pay. its like saying since
    Uhuru has a yahoo account then if Raila has also a yahoo account then
    Uhuru can get access to Raila data. Kencall is a company offering
    hosting and connectivity services to anyone even cord if they want to
    host there server or web services there. even if you give any iota of
    truth to CORD allegation, voting went manual and the issue of server
    does not arise.

    • Emmanuel

      How you talk shows us vividly that you are a kiswahili primary school teacher.Your thinking capacity is very shallow.Samuel, style up man..

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  • Emmanuel

    Wat Agwambo is saying is very true..Haki itapatikana na isipo patikana, hakutaeleweka for sure..

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