Safaricom Now Recalls All the Cheap Headsets from its Call Centre

Posted In Business - By robertalai On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 With 3 Comments

Safaricom House

Safaricom is reacting to our expose yesterday. The company has now sent out an email to all Call Centre Staff to go and pick new headsets and replace the cheap ones.

Such changes are what we would love to see. Kudos to Safaricom for responding to these needs. We just hope that they will properly reward the staff members impaired by the cheap headsets.

A lady by the name of Diana who is the Call Centre Transport Manager sent out this email

From: CC Transport Manager
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 12:17 PM
Cc: Leonida Ombutora; CMCallCenterTLs
Subject: Re : Headset Adaptors Replacement – Plantronics
Hi All,
Kindly come for adaptor replacement, bring  the old one you are currently using.

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  • agrey

    something tells me you got paid for this……

    • soberme

      You are not used to positive comments huh!

  • soberme

    Alai, What you failed to say, or didnt know, or maybe you knew but chose not to say here for fear of watering down your uninformed propaganda is that the mail was sent to a few agents whose headsets were approaching replacement period. You do not know that headset replacement in the call center is a continuous process that has been there since about 2 years ago. Once again, learn to do your background checks before posting stuff here, but again, as i said before, that may render you irelevant as your stories may become quite less “juicy”