How Smart Kenyans are Watching EPL Games for Just $120 Per Year

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Abu Dhabi

Kenyans are creative. They have found a way of importing decoders from Arab and European Pay-TV providers allowing them to watch English Premier League games for as little as $120 per year.

For you to watch EPL matches in Kenya, you need to have a DSTV premium package which costs $82 per month. Other smart ways of watching the extremely popular EPL games is through the illegal cable TV installers, common in most towns in Kenya and charges just Ksh 1,000 per month and Ksh 2,000 for one time installation.

One popular provider from Middle East available locally is Abu Dhabi Sports which is provided through the Abu Dhabi TV Network. Other providers like Australian FOXTEL are also being used by some Kenyans who travel to Australia and import the decoders to Kenya. But non beats Abu Dhabi Sports in quality of channels offered.

All in all, the quality of coverage and analysis cannot be compared to Supersport. DSTV is still the best. They just need to check on their pricings. Multichoice still has the exclusive rights to the EPL matches in the region. It will be interesting to know what they will do to stop Kenyans from accessing the EPL content through the illegal ways.

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  • free trader

    And how do i get some operator to hook me up with the decoder?
    I also noticed that the quality is HD

    • get in touch with me 0721659276

      • free trader

        Will call you up. Thank you.

  • evans

    where can i source one from? especially the Abu Dhabi TV Network one.

  • Wainaina

    dont expose secrets!!!!

  • Arbitrary_One

    It’s not illegal. I’m just voting with my wallet.