These Zuku Employees on Facebook Are Messing Up The Company ONLINE

Posted In Social Media - By Tech Mtaa On Monday, June 3rd, 2013 With 6 Comments

I just got these screenshots in my email. A Zuku client complained about the service on Facebook and got insulted by the people who should be the ambassadors of the company. Interesting!!!!

Check the screenshots below.

zuku 1 zuku 2

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  • Aksept An Muvon

    I have never met a bright Sales rep. Looks like idiots end up being sales rep or working in customer care, so am not surprised.

  • capaldi

    lol you just fired somebody!

  • Peter Etelej

    HAHAHA LMAO!! That’s not sales rep, that’s sales rape

  • Kollo Nabiswa

    Stupid rapes

  • Christine

    At least its coming out in the open, these people insult on phone and don’t care anything.

  • kalu

    They have always been like that