New ‘TIVI Guide” App Launched in Kenya for Better TV Viewing

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A group of young Kenyans have launched a web, mobile and native app solution which enable TV viewers better their viewing experience. With the TIVI Guide app, users can track their favourite shows and find what is showing on TV.

TIVI is and interactive TV guide available across all devices and platforms, mobile and desktop. It’s absolutely free no subscription fee required and no forms to be filled.

So now you can have something which can remind you of when your TV show is showing and in case of change of schedule, you will get alerts. TV offerings are widening in Kenya and so such a solution to keep track of what is happening is very necessary. TIVI Guide tracks only free channels and not the pay TV channels on DSTV, Zuku or StarTimes.

The solution is expected to launch in other countries in East Africa by the end of the year.

Our up to date TiVi guide allows users to

  1. Find out when your favorite shows are on
  2. Add reminders so that you don’t miss your favorite shows. Reminders are sent via push notifications, SMS and email.
  3. Check in to shows and get exclusive content
  4. Learn more about the shows you are watching with reviews, synopsis, trailers, spoiler alerts, actor profiles and interviews

Check TIVI Guide here


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  • Aksept An Muvon

    Is this one ready for prime time? No link to download app, no info on devices or platforms supported? Typical of kenyan devs nkt!!!

  • George Wahome

    @An, you can say that again. DEV should provide all info before marketing the product!!! Kama wanauza watwambie mapema.

    • Trevor Kimenye

      Hi George + Aksept,

      Sorry for the misunderstanding. The Android app is in closed testing, but you can see the actual guide if you check the website from your phone browser. We’ve now clarified this on the landing page.

      Cheers and thanks for the feedback