Google Now Let You Borrow its ‘Street View’ Mapping Equipment

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Google Trekker

Google is looking for you if you are an adventurous person who plans to travel to some exotic locations.

Google is ready to let you have the backpack mounted Street View tool, the Trekker, when you travel. The 360 degree camera is just street view on your back. You will be able to deliver the images of places where Google’s bikes and cars couldn’t access.

Applications for the Google Trekker is simple as Google will only require you to deliver a project proposal which should reveal whether or not you plan to help raise money for your trip. You can make the application as an individual, self-sponsored group or out on research. Charities can also apply.

The application reads. “Tell us what makes this place amazing, describe the type of imagery and any highlights you expect to capture, and let us know if your trip is already planned (if so, when?).”

Google has already used the Trekker to capture the world’s tallest building and the Grand Canyon.


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