Central Bank of Kenya’s Website Hacked

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CBK hacked

We have just read from some online sources that Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) website was on Sunday night attacked by some ‘Gaza Hackers.’

Sections of the website could not be accessed last night as hackers gained control of Kenya’s monetary policy fomulator and currency issuer’s website.

The CBK website is hosted by Safaricom which also hosts many other key website including that of the IEBC. The host has suffered many attacks in in the recent past. Hacking attack can however not be blamed on the host as the webmaster handling the site security might also have let his guard down.

Guy Claims To Have Hacked 113 Kenyan Government Websites

During the attack, The Gaza hacker Team left a message on the site which partly read;

“……your citizens in all parts of the world will be our legitimate targets! So, if you want the safety of yourselves, possessions and interests from our revenge, Depart all soldiers from our land “Mali””

The URL was later unavailable after the attack. It is back up and all cleaned up. Early, last year more than 100 website belonging to the Kenyan government were attacked by some Indonesian hackers.

UPDATE: One of the websites hacked together with that of CBK has not been restored by Monday 10am. Check www.nachu.or.ke

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  • Richard Ruoro

    i think you are wrong about the webmaster being to blame as all sites were hacked this is due to that fact that the hackers directly accessed the webserver and were able to get root access to be able to replace the default pages on the websites. No webmaster can avoid this in the world. it is impossible are you cannot protect a file from being controlled by the server, once they gained access to the server.
    it is the duty of safaricom to ensure their firewalls are in order. Here are the list of some of the prominent websites hosted and were attacked

    kilonzoadvocates.co.ke – has still been hacked by others
    aak.or.ke – Architectural Association of Kenya
    ebk.or.ke – Engineers Board of Kenya

    • Jeff Otula

      Boss, Where on earth do you use Firewalls to protect http traffic?…

  • nellykiboi

    a website i created was also hacked nimepatasacco.co.ke.. by the gaza hackers but i guess it is because i had not put in stringent measures ..funny enough it is also hosted by safaricom…but now it is working fine…

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