Kenyan Government to Switch Off Analogue TV Signals from 13th December 2013

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A committee comprising of various media stakeholders has today reached an agreement to fast track digital TV migration. After a long meeting, the Digital Television Committee has agreed that digital migration will start from December 13th, 2013 where analogue signal will be switched off.

The second phase will be on March 30th 2014 where the analogue signal will be switched off Mombasa, Malindi, Nyeri, Meru, Kisumu, Kisii, Webuye, Nakuru and Eldoret.

The third phase to be implemented by June 30th 2014 will see all other sites in the country switched off.

Though the adoption has been slow, the government hopes that the waiver of duty on set-top boxes will further see many households buy the digital decoders.

Media owners have also started a campaign to see independent set-top box sellers market their services and not Pay TV providers like Star Times, Zuku and DSTV. The local media owners have complained that the bundling of the Free Channels on Pay TV bouquets is unfair as the channels are meant to be freely consumed and not used as a bait to market Pay TV services.


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