N-Soko Deals Goes LIVE, Offers Products at More Expensive Rates

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Nsoko Deals

Nation Media is doing what it does best, copy-paste and hope that they some magic will make the venture succeed. They launched their N-SOko classifieds website sometime back but it is lagging behind everyone else because of strategic blunder. Money can’t buy everything.

They have now forayed into the daily deals business hoping to earn some returns with a business which is globally believed not to have any future.

I just stumbled across the N-SOKO Deals website hoping to get some jaw-dropping deals after seeing a newspaper ad of the same. What I found is a complete disappointment. I can still get to buy a good phone locally and sell it at a lower rate than that offered on the N-SOKO Deals.

Again, the N-SOKO deals doesn’t look like a group buying business but more of an online shopping platform. Group buying mostly has the people running the deals promise to deliver a certain amount of sales for a return of a rate lower than what the rest pay for the same good or service.

N-Soko Deals offers iPad 4 64GB at Ksh 78,000 while I sell it for Ksh 72,000, they offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at Ksh 51,000 while I sell it at Ksh 45,000 and they offer HTC One at Ksh 58,000 while I can get you the same smartphone at Ksh 54,000.

None of what they offer is going to be at a discount you can love. NMG has the financial power and so they should have offered the devices at a very low rate and treat their loss as a cost of marketing. That way they would have earned loyal readership and not just disappointed their users as they are currently doing.

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