Kenyan Government Insists on the December Analogue Switch-Off Date

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The Cabinet Secretary for Information and Communications, Dr Fred Matiangi insists that the 13th December switch off date for the analogue TV signal in Nairobi and its environs stands. Through a statement, the Cabinet Secretary said that as per the gazette notice No 13869 of 18th October, Nairobi and its environs (Rongai, Kiambu, Ngong’, Isinya, Athi River, Parts of Machakos, Thika and Ginthunguri) will have the analogue signal switched off.

The CS insist that the dates were arrived at after consultation with stakeholders and so the Media Owners should stop creating barriers because of their unpreparedness. The media owners have tried to sabotage the digital migration claiming that there should be no rush and that the Chinese are trying to take over the country. Claims which are so untrue and selfish to say the least.

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I support the cabinet secretary on this. I believe that we had ample time to prepare for the migration and there is no threat of Chinese takeover in the country. The threat is of a rogue media which doesn’t listen to anybody but themselves. It’s becoming a corrupt, selfish and lazy media which will never invest in futuristic technologies just because they are used to doing the things in one way.

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Dr Fred Matiangi insists that the digital footprint stands at 80% in the country which means that we are ready for this. The Kenya media owners claims that the Chinese wants to take over our communications and media is so untrue because the same media owners have never complained about the Chinese building the transport and communications infrastructure for the government and local telecommunications providers.

We must support the government to implement the digital migration so that we can free the analogue spectrum for 4G internet rollout.


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