Shahab Meshki SACKED as CEO of Liquid Telecoms Kenya, Formerly KDN

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Disgraced CEO of former Kenya Data Networks and now Liquid Telecoms Kenya has been sacked. Though diplomatically, Shahab is being replaced by Liquid Telecom Group’s Director of Network Strategy, Mr Ben Roberts.

Shahab who was brought in by the Altech Group oversaw the near death of KDN and is not credited with anything positive at the ailing former data giant. Shahab launched a very unpopular reform which saw talented Kenyans replaced by racist but incompetent South Africans. Whenever staff demanded that he be replaced by Altech, Shahab arrogantly told the staff that Altech will never replace him.

Shahab who formerly headed CISCO in the region is neither missed at KDN nor at CISCO East Africa offices which he headed. It is a quiet celebration at former KDN as Shahab goes. Shahab is an Iranian who converted citizenship to German. Shahab will be taking a soft landing as Group Head of Customer Account and Management Service. The Liquid Group’s statement announcing the exit of Shahab documents not a single success of the disgraced former CEO.

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  • capaldi

    Okay, this one here was a total jerk, like all Indian bosses. The same sword, unfortunately, befell my colleagues and I in a certain Indian firm in Mombasa where we were replaced with semi-skilled “expatriates” who didn’t know a simple task as installing a stupid PnP modem!! We’re sueing them!