LG Launches its Mosquito-Repelling Air Conditioner in Kenya

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LG Mosquito

LG Electronics (LGE) has today launched its “Mosquito Away” residential air conditioner model in the Kenyan market.

The ACs which are specifically designed for the local market incorporates a function that uses ultrasonic waves to combat mosquitoes.

The air conditioner emits ultrasonic waves that, in a way, disrupt the mosquito’s sensory cells and cause paralysis, confusion and sometimes death. LG says that the mosquito repelling technology “is harmless to humans and represents a clean, safe alternative to dangerous chemical-based insecticides and repellants.”

By pressing the “Mosquito Away button” on the AC’s remote control, a speaker within the air conditioner is activated that produces inaudible ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 30 kHz to 100 kHz that repel mosquitoes.

Conveniently, the air conditioner’s Mosquito Away function can be turned on independently of cooling; helping to prevent unnecessary energy usage. When strong cooling is required, the Jet Cool function and the product’s large fan deliver an increased volume of airflow.

LG has indicated that the new AC unit has “undergone testing in a World Health Organization (WHO) standard 1.9 m3 Peet-Grady Chamber.”  In the tests done at the Muhimbili University in Tanzania, LG reveals that “the Mosquito Away proved its effectiveness by repelling 76 percent of female Anopheles mosquitoes within 24 hours.” Other tests were conducted at Ibadan University, Nigeria and University of Khartoum, Sudan.

I wonder how it was specifically made for the Kenyan market when no test was done in Kenya.

The new AC unit is available in selected Hotpoint show rooms in the country from 21st of January.

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  • Medullaforever .

    I wonder too, why would they test it outside Kenya? Considering that Tanzania, Nigeria and Sudan have no mosquitoes and if they have any they are of a different tribe than those from Kenya, mmh!