Nokia N900 changed the game

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What do you get when you combine two of the hottest electronic trends like mini netbooks and touchscreen smartphones? The answer would be Nokia’s new N900 phone and its custom-made operating system, Maemo. Nokia N900 Mobile Designed as a loose follow-up to Nokia’s N97, the Nokia N900 has a bit of an identity crisis between a smartphone with a desktop. 

10 Best Nokia Beta Labs Apps

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While Nokia’s Ovi Store still has a ways to go to even consider competing with Apple’s App Store (although recently-revealed plans for a complete revamp in spring 2010 sound exciting) the Finns are busy beavering away in-house at bringing some interesting applications to Nokia users. In a show of openness that other manufacturers could learn from,. 

Nexus One, The Google Phone, Captured In The Wild (Pictures)

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Photos of Google’s Nexus One (aka the Google Phone) are – of course – leaking out on Twitter. The phone is indeed the HTC Passion/Bravo device many suspected, minus any HTC branding. In addition to a Twittered pic, Engadget was smart enough to hop over to Google’s () photo-sharing site Picasa () and dug up a few more (below). We gotta say: this.